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KMBZ 98.1: Raising the Screen Generation

A quick look around reveals a world that is rapidly changing, with technological advances increasing the time each of us spends in front of electronic screens.

Parents are worried that their kids are spending too much time with their smartphones, laptops, tablets and video games.

With an increase of children being diagnosed with learning and social problems like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, it's easy to see why a lot of parents and doctors are drawing a link between technology addiction and brain function.

An article in the journal Pediatrics seems to confirm that hypothesis. "That article indicated that video game time is associated with increased attention problems 13 months later, as assessed by teachers," said Dr. Carla Allan with Children's Mercy.

There is no direct evidence that screens cause attention disorders, Allan said, adding that it is still a good idea to limit screen time, especially for younger kids.

Parents should limit screen time for their youngest children to two hours a day, Allan said.



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