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KMBZ: Angela Myers' battle with cancer fueled her journey to becoming a doctor

Dr.  Angela Myers
By Rebecca Crockett

Angela Myers is the Division Director of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Children's Mercy. Her journey to becoming a doctor started when she was in the sixth grade. Myers always knew two things: she loved science, and she loved taking care of kids. From the beginning Myers was driven to reach her goal, but she never imagined the setbacks that would come her way.

The week before Myers' junior year in high school, she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, also known as bone cancer. She spent a year at Children's Mercy undergoing chemotherapy.

"It was rough, it was awful," says Myers, "I missed the first week of school because I was having chemo. That put an end to my sports career. I was a cheerleader. I was the co-captain of my JV cheerleading squad. I was a swimmer, and that was that."

Regardless of the setbacks, Myers worked even harder to do well in school and to graduate on time with her class. She says even though she'd known she wanted to be a doctor, having bone cancer solidified it.

"I always kept the goal in mind. If I wanted to graduate with my class, I had to finish X amount of classes this year and X amount of classes next year to do that, and nobody else but me was going to make that happen," explains Myers.


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