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KSHB 41: Apps kids don't want their parents to know they're using

By Jessica McMaster

On average, a child receives their first cellphone at 10 years old, according to recent research.

For many parents, it's a struggle to give their child the privacy he or she needs while also giving him or her their independence.

The 41 Action News Investigators discovered potentially dangerous apps kids are using that they don't want their parents to know about.

Dr. Ram Chettiar is an adolescent psychologist at Children's Mercy.

He said parents with children as young as eight seek advice on monitoring their child's smartphone activity.

"A parent who feels that they can keep up with their kid is probably a naive parent, " Chettiar said. "It's important for parents to know what capabilities their kid's cellphone has, as well as what limitations they have as a parent to monitor their kid's cellphone use."

Chettiar suggests parents have an upfront conversation with their children before giving them a phone, which can include letting them know you'll be checking their phone at random times.


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