Kansas City,
12:52 PM

KSHB 41: Big 12 mascots, cheerleaders take a timeout to visit Children's Mercy

Big 12 mascots and cheerleaders took a timeout Thursday morning to visit some of their youngest fans.

“It's cool, it's awesome actually to see them interact with my little boy, especially Big Jay held him earlier and it was awesome.”

Kansas, Oklahoma, TCU, Texas, Texas Tech and West Virginia teams were represented.

“It's just a pick me up, just to see people come out and come see you,” Children’s Mercy patient Noah Mims said.

Mims has sickle cell anemia and said hospitals aren’t uncommon for him.

"A couple years ago, I used to be in here every two weeks, back to back, and I used to be in here three weeks, two weeks at a time,” he said.

While the Big 12 cheerleaders and mascots hope to bring a little cheer to the patients, Mims said it helps in a big way.

“You see these people on TV and all of that and they still have the time and all of that and they come here and take the time to say hello and things like that,” Mims said. “A lot of people don't think that's a lot, but just a phone call or a visit like this from anybody can really make you feel good.”

For 9-year-old Max Fierro, he and his family had plans to go to the game.

“He was so upset yesterday when he had to get admitted to the hospital,” Max’s mother Leslie Fierro said. “He was looking forward to the game last night and when they came and told us that the mascots are going to be down here, he was smiling ear to ear.”

Although Max wasn’t able to see the game in person, meeting some of his favorite mascots was a slam dunk.

“I got to meet two of the mascots,” Max said about the Jayhawks. “It makes me feel a lot better because at least I still get to see part of the game.”

“It helps the kids forget a little bit that they're even sick or in the hospital,” Leslie Fierro said.


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