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KSHB 41: Doctors discuss the future of COVID-19 vaccinations for children

By Jordan Betts

 People of all ages are contracting COVID-19, but the United States is one step closer to getting adults vaccinated.

However, a timeline for getting children vaccinated is still up in the air.

Dr. Barbara Pahud is the Director of Infectious Diseases Research at Children's Mercy Hospital.

"We will be looking at all ages in vaccines research," Pahud said. "Usually with children, we want to start with the older age group and once we prove that it's safe then we start moving to other age groups."

Dr. Pahud said there are many steps that have to be taken before giving children the vaccine.

"First, we need to do the same thing that you have seen us do live on news for all of 2020 for adults," Pahud said. "We need to go through phase 1-2-3 clinical trials. Complete the minimal required data for phase 3 clinical trials that shows the vaccine is effective and safe."

Pahud said parents need to be patient but help is on the way, even a possible clinical trial in Kansas City.


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