Kansas City,
16:13 PM

KSHB 41: KCPD teams up with Children's Mercy to help gunshot victims deal with trauma

By Kevin Holmes

Roughly 500 people were shot last year in Kansas City. The smallest of them rushed to a hospital bed at Children’s Mercy Hospital, where Tammy Kemp’s job is to have mercy on the kids and families involved.

“It’s a two-year-old and it could be anybody’s child,” said Kemp, a social worker for the hospital.

Children’s Mercy and KCPD have entered into a partnership to help victims and their families cope with trauma.

These workers may not have all the answers on how to combat crime, but when crime happens, Kemp said they’re committed to providing answers on how life goes on.

“Not only looking to prevent current injuries, but down the line help the community and its youth be healthier," said Kemp.


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