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KSNT: Kansas family donating socks to hospitals across the state to honor loved one

By: Rebekah Chung

Ally Baier passed away at 15 years old from a brain tumor in May. Her family created Ally’s League to honor her memory through giving back.

“I would never want another cancer family to feel alone,” said Crysta Baier, Ally’s mother. “To feel like they didn’t have anybody to lean on.”

Ally also loved crazy and comfy socks. The Overland Park family created a sock drive for Ally’s League. The sock drive ended December 14, surpassing their initial goal. What started as a donation goal of 500 socks, quickly grew to more than 2,000. Now, they’re sharing socks with children in hospitals across the state with the hope of brightening their day. 

The socks are being donated to Children’s Mercy KC, KU School of Med KU, Wesley’s Children’s Hospital Wichita, Children’s Mercy Wichita. According to Baier and her family, they plan to donate more socks to homeless and teen shelters as well, and she’s encouraged families in similar situations, who are in need of support, to reach out.


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