Kansas City,
15:26 PM

Late-arriving flu season expected to get worse

This year's flu season is one of the latest in more than a decade

Children's Mercy is reporting nearly double the number of flu cases in the last week. The hospital has seen 80 new cases, compared to 42 the week before.

Beds are full, with flu cases climbing at the same time as another respiratory virus – Respiratory Syncytial Virus. Normally flu and RSV jump at different times in the winter, but not this year.

Dr. Mary Anne Jackson says we'll likely see flu cases continue to rise over the next month.

“I don't think we're nearly, nearly at the peak, so the message here is ramping up disease, influenza A is accounting for 70 to 80 percent of our cases. It tends to be the most severe type of influenza,” Dr. Jackson said.

She says the flu is hitting young and middle-aged adults especially hard.