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Medscape: Rheumatologists More Likely Than Nephrologists to Use Rituximab in Kids with Lupus Nephritis

By Lorraine L. Janeczko

Pediatric rheumatologists and nephrologists appear to differ in their treatment choices for children who have lupus nephritis (LN), with rheumatologists more likely to prescribe rituximab, results of a small survey suggest.

"This study highlights the importance of collaborative effort in developing CTPs (Consensus Treatment Plans) for pediatric LN," the authors write in Pediatric Rheumatology. "This provides an opportunity to work towards consensus to reduce heterogeneity in the treatment of refractory pediatric LN so that we can perform comparative effectiveness trials."

Two experts who were not involved in the study agreed that the two specialties need to work together to improve their care of children with LN.

"It makes sense that nephrologists and rheumatologists won't always agree on these difficult decisions because our training and experiences are different," said Dr. Michael J. Holland, an assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine and Children's Mercy Kansas City. "The findings point to a glaring need for more research and consensus building in this vital area."


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