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Meet Kit: From Chemo to Kindergarten Thanks to Research and Personalized Medicine

Simple, every day moments now aren't 'every day' to us. We cherish each one as part of Kit's healing.
Mary Kate Van Sickle, Kit's Mom

Kit doesn’t remember life without chemotherapy. For good reason. The five-year-old just started kindergarten this fall after her first chemo-free summer in more than two years.

Since age three, Kit has endured more than 20 spinal taps, multiple blood transfusions, surgeries and dozens of hospital admissions. She spent 859 days undergoing chemotherapy at Children’s Mercy and finished her final treatment on June 17.

“Kit received the best possible cancer care we could’ve imagined. Children’s Mercy is a true gem we’re so very lucky to have here,” said Mary Kate Van Sickle, Kit’s mom.

Still, parents Mary Kate and Corey stress that the journey has not been all roses. Open sores on Kit’s little fingers and toes and detached nails were painful side effects of monthly chemotherapies she received via a chest port. Periodically, she had to undergo anesthetic for a lumbar puncture that injected chemo into her spinal fluid.

“Childhood cancer isn’t just bald kids beaming down from billboards,” Mary Kate said. “Simple, every day moments now aren’t ‘every day’ to us. We cherish each one as part of Kit’s healing.”

Thankfully, scientific investigation and personalized medicine helped save Kit’s life. Children’s Mercy is committed to pediatric research and finding answers to improve the care and outcomes for all children.


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