Kansas City,
04:00 AM

Meet the Transport Team: Tim Stolifer

Tim Stolifer has worked as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with Children’s Mercy’s Critical Care Transport for nearly a decade and transported more than 5,000 patients between his work there and with a fire service. 

He works three 12-hour shifts a week, transporting between three and five children per shift.

Yes, Tim says, paying witness day in and day out to ill and injured children -- some in critical condition -- can be hard.

“There are some down times,” he says. “Things don’t always go like we hope they will. But I know I’m going to help kids the best I can.”

The greatest part of his job, he says, is when they do see kids they have previously transported healthy and thriving post-treatment. He also loves the camaraderie he has with his colleagues.

Tim lived in Taiwan as a young boy and was fluent in Taiwanese and Chinese by the time he was 5. He learned the languages from his playmates. His family came back to the United States for part of his childhood, but Tim returned to Taiwan twice -- graduating from high school there and then visiting during his college years. He worked as a house painter while in school before returning to the U.S.


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