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News-Press Now: Child's kidney donation search spurs messages, kindness

By Kellie Houx

World Kindness Day started in 1998 and is aimed at promoting large and small acts of kindness. The Shonkwiler family of John, Erin and Caleb Shonkwiler understands kindness as the Liberty family seeks a live donor for Caleb, who is in need of a kidney.

Erin said when she created a website and shared details of Caleb’s life and medical issues, people from all over began to offer words of kindness, support and hope. The family also created a Facebook page available by searching “Caleb Needs a Kidney.”

Caleb, who marks his 12th birthday this month, and his family know the needed transplant will not be his last. At his age, due to the expectancy of how long transplanted organs are projected to last, there may be multiple transplants needed in his future. Despite this, the family remains optimistic about Caleb’s prognosis.

The Shonkwilers knew a donor situation would be part of Caleb’s life early on in the child’s life. Erin said an early ultrasound registered urine backing up in his kidneys. A pediatric nephrology specialist, Douglas Blowey at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, offered his medical expertise to the family.

If a living donor is found, Caleb's transplant will take place at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, but the evaluation and surgery for the donor will occur in the University of Kansas Health System.


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