Kansas City,
13:19 PM

NPR's Invisibilia showcases RAPS program for Amplified Pain

Devyn was in high school when she woke up one day with a pain in her hip. Days pass and the pain gets worse and doctors don't know what to do. Formerly a dancer, she could now barely get out of bed. What could be wrong? It turns out she has a disease afflicting thousands of teenage girls all over the country. It's called amplified pain syndrome.

NPR's Invisibilia followed Devyn and several other girls through the Rehabilitation for Amplified Pain Syndromes (RAPS) program at Children's Mercy. The RAPS program typically lasts 3-4 weeks depending on each patient's unique needs and provides an effective solution for patients who have tried outpatient treatment methods but are still unable to function normally. 

Learn more about the RAPS program at Children's Mercy.