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Parents: Spring Safety Checkup. 12 Ways to Prepare Kids for a Healthy Season Outdoors

By Lambeth Hochwald


Read this before the kids head outside to play. These 12 tips will help them have a fun—and accident-free—spring whether they're in a sport or just hanging out at the playground.

Don't forget the parts of the body that might need protecting depending upon the sport. If your child is just discovering the fun of doing wheeled activities like skating, wheelies, and skateboarding, for instance, it's important to protect his or her wrists. "There's a high risk of the child's falling onto his outstretched hand," says Greg Canty, M.D., medical director for the Children's Mercy Kansas City Sports Medicine Center. "Wrist guards may also help prevent a broken arm and ensure a spring that's filled with fun without a cast."

Shin guards and appropriate footwear are particularly important for small soccer players. Make sure the guards cover the entire shin and that shoes with cleats don't pinch.


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