Kansas City,
14:19 PM

Primary Care for Pediatric Cancer Survivors

Many childhood cancer survivors and their families are not aware of the potential late effects that may occur two to five years after treatment, which can include learning and memory issues, depression, anxiety, heart or lung problems, hypothyroidism, infertility and secondary cancers.

Children’s Mercy developed the Survive and Thrive Clinic to provide education to patients and their primary care providers to ensure necessary screenings are continued and healthy lifestyles are maintained. The program also helps adolescents transition to adult care.

“It’s really hard for families that have been here for years to really transition to that next step in care, to transition to the adult world. We try to provide them with the resources to do that.” Dr. Joy Fulbright, Director of the Survive and Thrive Clinic.

Dr. Fulbright discusses health concerns after cancer treatment, the challenges patients face and what primary care providers need to know in the podcast "Primary Care for Pediatric Cancer Survivors."