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Shawnee Mission Post: Prairie Village 9-year-old Dagan Lingenfelter celebrates end of cancer treatment

By Leah Wankum

After more than three years of chemotherapy, 9-year-old Dagan Lingenfelter of Prairie Village celebrated the end of cancer treatment.

A fourth grader at Belinder Elementary, his last treatment date was April 17. The following day, friends, family and neighbors celebrated — physical distancing style — with a long line of cars parading in front of his house. The drive-by of honking, hollering and waving lasted about six or seven minutes.

Lingenfelter was diagnosed in December 2016 with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a blood cancer. He had been feeling fatigued and weak, and after seeing his doctor, he was admitted to Children’s Mercy Hospital. He was in first grade at the time.

His initial prognosis was good, as doctors thought he had a low chance for relapse. But after his first month of cancer treatment, he didn’t go into remission as doctors had anticipated. As a result, he went on an intense chemotherapy regimen for nearly a year.

After that, he started monthly chemotherapy “maintenance” treatments until the end date, which was slated for April 17, 2020.

While his cancer treatments are done, Lingenfelter still worries he may relapse. But for now, this part of his journey is over.


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