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Should Deaf Children With Hearing Parents Learn A Sign Language?

Every year, 10,000 U.S. children are born deaf. For more than 95 percent of those children, they are born to hearing parents. As the popularity of cochlear implants (CI) increases, parents are immediately faced with a potential life-altering decision: Should they and their child learn a sign language or seek a CI and concentrate on oral communication

The short answer is: both.

Experts will tell you that learning several languages - including a sign language - is more beneficial than learning just one.

"There are no risks to learning sign language along with spoken language, but there are well-defined benefits," said John D. Lantos, M.D., director of the Children's Mercy Hospital Bioethics Center. "For parents and families who are willing and able, this approach seems to be clearly preferable to an approach that focuses solely on oral communication."

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