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Social Distancing and Child Passenger Safety

By Shannon Bernal, RN, BSN, CPSTI, Car Seat Program Coordinator at Children's Mercy 


As social distancing has become our norm, most, if not all, local child passenger safety organizations have suspended face-to-face meetings with the public. We too will not be allowing any walk-in appointments for car seat education/installation until further notice. Hopefully, as we practice social distancing, installation instruction will not be needed. However, parents/caregivers need to follow manufacturer’s instructions for proper use of their car seat, booster seat or other type of child safety restraint when they must go out with their child(ren).

Here are some resources if you need help with your car seat:

Google the model name and number of the car seat and the instructions will be available online.

  • For example, if you have an Evenflo Sureride model number 3712198, search for Evenflo Sureride 3712198 and it will list a .PDF of the instructions.​

Of course, you need to know where to find the manufacturer label to know this information – manufacturer name, model name and number, serial number (optional), date of manufacture and expiration date (optional). Manufacturers place these labels in different locations on their car seats – on the underside of plastic shell, on the side of the seat (at the bottom or top), under padding, etc. you will need the information on this label find accurate information on the internet.









Manufacturer's will also have videos on its website or YouTube channel. (Note: Make sure the videos are from the manufacturer. Don't watch videos made by individuals, since the information could be incorrect.)

  • The manufacturer’s website will have resources for you or you can call the manufacturer to ask questions. The phone number is listed in the car seat instruction manual, on some labels on the shell of the car seat or on its website.

Websites with Child Passenger Safety information and videos:

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