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Society of Behavioral Medicine: Helping Kids Get the Sleep They Need

By Lindsay Stager, Dr. Angela Caldwell, Dr. Carolyn Bates and Dr. Helena Laroche

Regularly getting good sleep supports both mental and physical health. However, parents often worry that their children are not getting enough sleep and busy schedules make it hard to prioritize sleep. Sleep is an important part of children’s development that can be easily overlooked. 

The National Sleep Association found that about 33% of children in the US sleep less than what is recommended for their age. While some children are more prone to sleep disturbances (Ex. those with anxiety, depression, ADHD, or autism), promoting good sleep is beneficial for all families. 

What are the benefits of getting enough sleep?

Good sleep directly supports better attention, school performance, emotional regulation, and impulse control. From a physical health standpoint, sleep promotes better immune system functioning and helps children fight off germs and infections. Long-term sleep problems increase risk for mental and physical health concerns, including depression, anxiety, risky behaviors, and viral illnesses.  


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