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St. Joseph baby fights rare form of cancer

Hadley diagnosed with retinoblastoma

Haddie Cassity

Regular doctor's visits are just part of the routine for babies. But, things are more complicated for Hadley Cassity.

"Probably early December we started noticing a little like reflection in her eye but it wasn't there every time we looked," said Erin Cassity, Hadley's mother. Erin Cassity and her husband shared their concerns with their pediatrician.

"They looked and they said that she was good. It might be the start of a lazy eye buy we'd check again at her four month check-up," Erin recalled. But, Erin had a feeling it was something more.

"Parents spend the most time with their babies and they know, they can tell when something is wrong," she said.

The Cassitys pushed their doctor and eventually they ended up at Children's Mercy. Doctors diagnosed Hadley with retinoblastoma - a rare form of cancer that mostly impacts children.

"Retinoblastoma usually occurs in kids before their fourth or fifth birthday because the retina grows until kids are about four or five years old," said Dr. Julia Allyson Hays, pediatric oncologist.

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