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The Daily Beast: The Boy Who Survived 73 Days of Pure COVID Hell

Trevor H. in PICU

By Michael Daly

The X-rays showed that COVID-19 had trashed Trevor Hensley’s lungs, and the seventh grader was still struggling to breathe after nine days on maximum oxygen in a Missouri pediatric intensive care unit in early November.

Over the next three months, Trevor would wage a ferocious fight for his life. Even with the efforts of a remarkable medical team, his battle would at moments seem about to end as grimly as thousands of other COVID cases in ICUs.

In a room inside the Children's Mercy pediatric intensive care unit, Trevor was a small figure surrounded by a mass of tubes and machinery. A team headed by Dr. Jenna Miller began what they call an “ECMO run” with the hope of giving Trevor’s lungs time to heal. Physicians and nurses and respiratory therapists mounted an around-the-clock effort, constantly adjusting the equipment and examining X-rays and sonograms.

“It was hard at the beginning to get him on just the right settings and just the right position with that big cannula and find just the right amount of sedation and he was so, so, so sick,” Miller later told The Daily Beast.


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