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The Kansas City Star: Parents can discuss mental health with kids by listening to them, experts say

By Anna Spoerre

The waiting list for mental health services at Children’s Mercy has at least doubled since the pandemic, said Sarah Soden, a developmental pediatrician and the director of the Developmental and Behavioral Health Division at the children’s hospital.

As mental health professionals across clinics, hospitals and schools see more youths seeking services, parents, too, are likely encountering more conversations around mental health with their children, or noticing a change in their behavior.

Dr. Sara Gould, a clinical psychologist in the Developmental and Behavioral Health Division and director of the Eating Disorders Center at Children’s Mercy, said anxiety has been up across the board. That can manifest in how kids eat or act out.

While she recommends reaching out to a mental health specialist if a child is showing signs of anxiety or depression, Gould also said online resources can help parents teach their children skills such as deep breathing and mindfulness.


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