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USA Today: Recently vaccinated children can go to public places

By Nate Trela

A May 17 Instagram post (direct link, archive link) includes a list of five live-virus vaccines and a warning for parents.

“If your child just received any of these listed vaccine (sic) below, they should be kept away from public places –school – for up to 8 weeks, per manufacturer’s instructions,” the post reads.

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The manufacturer instructions for live virus vaccines suggest precautions to mitigate the risk of shedding viruses, particularly if a recipient expects to be around an immunocompromised person. However, none of the vaccines used in the U.S. carry a recommendation to stay away from school or other public places.

Good hygiene, thoughtfulness are recommended, not isolation

The post focuses on the risk of vaccine recipients spreading a live virus through a process known as viral shedding. But medical experts told USA TODAY that staying away from public places for any period of time isn't recommended in the instructions for any of the currently offered vaccines.

The risk of acquiring a virus through shedding by a vaccine recipient is minimal when proper precautions are taken, according to Dr. Angela Myers, director of the infectious diseases division at Children's Mercy Kansas City.

Myers said she isn't aware of “any significant transmissions of a virus directly related to vaccination in the general population.” She added that no physician should interpret the instructions to mean that vaccine recipients should stay away from public places.

Myers said following the instructions for the vaccines and being cautious around immunocompromised people is important, but she noted that the instructions vary by vaccine.  


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The Division of Infectious Diseases at Children's Mercy Kansas City